by Millie


The Truth about Weight Loss

A fun and interactive workshop that begins with participants taking a True/False quiz to have them look at what their beliefs are about weight loss and how the body works.  The quiz is not “graded” as we go over it as a group so that we can discuss what is real and what is popular mythology behind weight loss today.


Exercise and Activity in your 50’s, 60’s and beyond

What does the current research say about exercise in your “golden years”?  Is it possible to increase lean muscle mass after 50? Or 60? Or even 70?  Learn the surprising truth about how much (or little) exercise/activity, and what kind is needed to improve quality of life and create a healthy aging lifestyle.


How do I start to exercise?

A fun and participatory workshop to teach basic movement and beginning exercises so as to avoid injury while creating strength and endurance.  Learn how to improve balance and mobility easily without elaborate equipment or exercise regimes.  Designed for the “mature” population but can easily be modified to be applicable for teenagers or frail seniors….and anything in between.


Millie’s Sure-fire, No kidding Weight Loss Strategies to get results now!

One of the biggest weight loss failures of our culture is the belief that it takes a “structured diet program”  or some elaborate list of what to eat and what not to eat in order to lose weight.  The reality is that it is about some small habit changes that can produce very big results…..not only in the way of weight loss but to improve health in general.  Millie’s 35 plus years of not only working with clients  and constantly remaining abreast of current research through her continuing education, but also experiencing her own weight loss struggles have led her to some simple strategies that, when implemented consistently, lead to sustainable weight loss and increased health.


Weight Loss Boot Camp (no exercise included!)

A 3 hour workshop that teaches participants what it takes to implement sustainable weight loss.  Generally a breakfast or lunch is served, depending on the time of day selected, and discussed as the participants learn the “5 Critical Control Factors” for healthy and sustainable weight loss.  No quick fixes, or gimmicks….just research proven and time tested strategies to get to and maintain a healthy weight….healthfully.  Made fun through group interaction and questions.  Notebooks with all the essentials are provided as part of this “crash course” to get you on the road to healthy weight that will help you look and feel better …..forever!