Weight Management


Weight loss/management is my specialty and my passion because the "single best thing a person can do to improve his/her health and well being is to get to and maintain a healthy weight".  My training and instruction is solidly research based and both professionally and personally experienced. I am a believer in "real food for real life" and promote healthier choices in eating and activity as it fits into an individuals life.

Weight Management Program includes:

  • Weigh and measure; weekly weigh ins
  • Realistic goal setting and monitoring, incorporating small changes that make a big difference 
  • Nutrition guidance toward wholesome eating
  • Fast and easy meal solutions
  • Dealing with emotional eating
  • Meal suggestions and recipes for your busy life and family
  • Getting support from the people in your life
  • Learning how to keep food records that give you control
  • Implementing exercise/activity/movement that makes a difference
  • May include Personal Training


10 Session Hour Package (25% discount) $967.50
5 Session Hour Package (20% discount) $515.00
1 Hour Session   $129.00


10 Session 1/2 Hour Package (25% discount) $562.00
5 Session 1/2 Hour Package (20% discount) $299.00
1 1/2 Hour Session         $75.00

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