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35 Years of Fitness and Health with Millie Betts

And so the journey began in 1982 and continues today.

It took having a baby to encourage me to take the leap from being a government contractor writing test packages for a major Dept. of Defense system to being what was then called an “aerobics coordinator” for a large, multi-purpose sports and fitness club in Northern Virginia.  I had been teaching aerobics classes in community centers and on a racquetball court in a small gym but now I was going to make it my full-time work. 


The Power of a Coach

There is amazing power in being a part of a like-minded Community. 

Professional and elite athletes, the world’s foremost thought leaders, and even every single super successful entrepreneur I’ve ever met or heard about had one thing in common… a coach who pushed them past (their perceived!) limits and beyond. 




5 Surefire, No Kidding Strategies to Lose Weight Now!


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Sexy Over 60 | An Introduction

The emotional peak of life can occur in our 60's and 70's!

I'm so excited to be bringing you my "Sexy over 60" video series! This is an opportunity for all women "of a certain age" (we're talking anything over 40 here, Ladies!) to come together to learn how to stay healthy and vibrant, mobile and able, energetic and enthusiastic as we move into our "golden years".


Sexy Over 60 | Move More!

Time to do some spring cleaning on our bodies! 

We can begin to eat healthier, hydrate better, and move more at any time.  And there’s something about Spring that just says “Renewal”. 



Sexy Over 60 | The Diet Mentality

What is “diet mentality”?  

It is the belief that in order to lose weight I need to “go on a diet” or start some program or follow a particular regime, or adopt some named eating/living style (paleo, keto, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, to name a few) that defines how I make choices.


Sexy Over 60 | How to Quit Quitting?

Why do I get on a healthy path with my eating and/or exercise but can’t seem to stick with it? Why can’t I stay committed to something so I can get what I really want?

This is the issue that I hear over and over from women trying to manage their weight.  They don’t have any problem getting started making healthier choices, but they struggle to continue making those choices consistently and for long enough to begin to see the “fruits of their efforts”.


Sexy Over 60 | What Is Sexy?

What does "sexy" really mean?

Sexy means a lot of different things, but first and foremost it's an attitude ... a decision to be vibrant and growing and getting better rather than declining.



Sexy Over 60 | Pasta Alternatives

Healthy pasta without wheat or gluten? Yes, please!

Learn 3 simple and easy alternatives to have "healthy pasta".




Sexy Over 60 | What's In My Beach Bag?

"Selecting our indulgences wisely" is a key element of the mindset we support.

When I go to the beach to get a little "breathe" time, I prep by packing my beach bag with easy, healthy options so that when I have a few "fun" indulgences -- such as a cocktail on the beach -- I'm still keeping my "healthy eating" on track.



Sexy Over 60 | Summer Smoothies

My favorite products and tips for making your own "Summer Smoothie"

In this "Sexy over 60" series video I share with you my favorite products and tips for making a balanced meal using plant based products!