My Monthly Reboot



Why a Monthly Reboot?  What is it?

My Monthly Reboot (MMR) is just what you need to get out of that body that you’re not happy with…to stop feeling badly when you get dressed because you can’t get into some of your favorite clothes….and if you do, they just don’t look or feel right.  A Reboot offers you the support and accountability necessary to keep you on the path to feeling great about your body…with or without your clothes on!  A Reboot helps you realize that you don’t have to go on some crazy diet and you don’t have to give up all the foods that you love, in order to get off that vicious cycle of losing and gaining back unwanted fat…

This Reboot teaches you how you can eat some of those favorite “forbidden” foods and not have it be the demise of your healthy lifestyle efforts.  But it also encourages your healthier choices so that you ultimately create the new habits that will sustain your healthier, leaner you over time.

Because we all need help if we want to look and feel great in our jeans!  My Monthly Reboot is your opportunity to look and feel sexy at any age….to be able to pull your jeans on and have them magically fit and not have to cover hips and derriere in order to be comfortable going out in them!  It provides the supportive relationships, both with your coach and with like-minded women, and the accountability that keeps you going with your healthier choices when you would otherwise quit…that much needed interaction to insure your follow through on your commitment to yourself.

How does My Monthly Reboot work?

There are two ways to experience My Monthly Reboot….in person, or online (not yet available, early 2019)…depending upon your needs and your location.  The whole experience is designed to educate, train, inspire, support, and hold you accountable to the mindset shift and healthy habits and strategies that get you what you want.  Whether you participate in the live or the online version, you will be guided through eating, activity, and lifestyle shifts that will have you feeling much better about you.  And they are offered monthly because to do it once and think that it will keep us going in this obesogenic culture is unrealistic.  We all need to be supported and held accountable on a regular basis so doing My Monthly Reboot will respark and re-energize you to “get back in the game” in case your resolve has been challenged.

You will get tools and hands on strategy skills to insure that you don’t quit but simply move at your own pace.  You will get a take home package that keeps you connected to the path…no crazy diets…just better habits, strategies, and plans that will have you looking and feeling great in your jeans…or whatever you choose to wear!

It’s a monthly program because you always have a fall back…an opportunity to “start again”…when the temptation to fall back into the old, familiar patterns feels too strong. 


My Monthly Reboot - Comprehensive


This comprehensive plan includes 10 monthly reboot sessions over a 12 month period. The sessions are held during the 3rd Saturday of each month between 9AM-1PM at Millie's studio.




My Monthly Reboot - Kick Start


This kickstart plan includes 5 monthly reboot sessions over a 6 month period. The sessions are held during the 3rd Saturday of each month between 9AM-1PM at Millie's studio.




My Monthly Reboot - One at a Time


This includes 1 monthly session during a 1 month period. The session will be held during the 3rd Saturday of the month between 9-1PM at Millie's Studio




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